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Don’t you believe it

Did you know there is a section below all of the reviews that people commonly look at called "reviews not recommended" ? I never did. Although your comments are hidden, they can be found, If you look hard enough, and know to look. The interesting part though is that they do not reflect on the Star rating. It seems they are doing this with no reasoning but to keep our Star rating below a 5 while wanting us to market with them for the sum of $500.00 monthly to help our ratings. We are currently 4 stars. Remove the actual non-legitimate reviews they refuse to and add the actual legitimate ones they have refused to include, and we are 5 star.

I tell you this because people should know who use these platforms in their decision making just how YELP operates - not all is as it may seem, good or bad.

Please see for yourself at

If you would like to view the reviews that Yelp is NOT posting, you can see them here.

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